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It is about BRAIN


Migraine: Is It A Serious Condition?

Till now there is no cure for migraine but medications will help them to prevent from symptoms becoming worse. Changes in stress, lifestyle, sleep pattern can augment quality of life.


Depression Dysregulates Emotional Expressions

 Depression is classified as a mood disorder that may be described as a persistent feeling of sadness. It involves loss of interest, or anger that interferes with a person’s day to day activities.

Burning feet

Burning Feet: Causes & Treatment

Burning feet are a sign of nerve damage or defect. It may occur due to vitamin deficiency anemia, chronic alcoholism, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression: Early Recognition Helps

Treatment of postpartum depression and early recovery is essential for the well-being of family. The earlier an individual receives it, the earlier they’re doubtless to recover. Treatment is effective in most cases.

thinking skills

Thinking Skills and Diet

High intakes of vegetables, soy products, fruit, and fish may have a beneficial effect on thinking skills.

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