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Aquatic therapy

Aquatic Therapy Under Medical Guidance

Aquatic therapy is a physical therapy that takes place in a pool or other aquatic environment with the supervision of a trained healthcare professionals in the field. 

Vestibular Hypofunction

Vestibular Hypofunction: Symptoms and Therapy

Inner ear in coordination with the eyes and muscles of our body controls the posture and motion. Any derangement of the inner ear is called vestibular hypofunction that causes postural instability.

Neck Stiffness

Remedies For Neck Stiffness & Pain

In most cases, neck stiffness and pain is due to poor posture combined with age related wear and tear. To help to prevent neck pain is to keep the head centered over the spine.

Back Pain

Back Pain: Causes and Relief Ideas

Backache is pain that commonly occurs in the lower back region due to strain of a muscle or ligament. Most people suffer from backpain due to lack of awareness and proper exercise.

Reduce Belly Fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat At Home

Belly fat is the most undesirable fat that creates your clothes feel tight. Also, it is seriously harmful to health. With belly fat there may be accumulation of visceral fat or fat around the organs inside abdomen.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries: Must Know Facts

Sports injury is a kind of injury that occurs when engaging in sports or exercise. It can happen by an accident, improper equipment, poor training practices or insufficient warm-up and stretching.



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