Take Your Exercise To The Next Level


Know Your Risk Before You Escalate Exercise

What is most important step before you escalate your exercise?

Even if you are doing a regular exercise you should meet with your doctor before you increase your exercise level . This is important because they can help decide your risk factors before you start exercising more.

What are the risk factors that can guide your exercise pattern and duration?

There are many risk factors that decide your exercise :

  • Age,
  • gender, race/ethnicity
  • family history of heart disease
  • stroke
  • Family History of Sudden Cardiac Death.

Furthermore,these risk factors that are beyond our control. Hence,this may limit your exercise pattern and duration.

What are the modifiable risk factors?

Some risk factors can be controlled with medicines or only lifestyle changes. You should screen yourself  for risk factors . If these risk factors exists then consult the doctor to control them.

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Obese or overweight
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes

Furthermore,these risk factors can be managed with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. If not controlled then control it with lifestyle changes or medicines.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Physical activity has several benefits.

Health Benefits:By reducing Risk Factors 

  • Reduces risk of Heart disease
  • Reduces risk of Stroke.
  • Delays or Prevents Chronic diseases.
  • Improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Keeps weight under control
  • Helps in the battle to quit smoking
  • Improves blood cholesterol levels
  • Prevents and manages high blood pressure
  • Prevents bone loss

Psycho-social Benefits:

  • Helps manage stress
  • Releases tension
  • Counters anxiety and depression
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
  • Increases muscle strength, increasing the ability to do other physical activities
  • Provides a way to share an activity with family and friends

 Better Mood

Within five minutes of cardiovascular exercise, you’ll feel happier! Once you set about, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine also as possibly others. These cause you to feel good! So, albeit you don’t desire doing anything, just going for a walk can cause you to happier!

Life Feels Easier

If you’ll get through your day during a physically easier way, wouldn’t that be nice? If lugging groceries and kids, or moving items round the house were easier. Exercise can do in any way that improve the strength, improve your cardiovascular fitness and life just feels easier.

More Mental Resilience

 Exercise during the way that pushes you physically, you get mentally tougher. once you’re mentally tougher, you’ll handle more stress. for a few people, the sensation of developing mental resilience is addictive. You reach your goal and begin wondering what else you’ll do! People train to require themselves further and further in sports like running, martial arts, cycling, etc.

Decreased Stress

individuals use regular exercise to accommodate stress. As previously mentioned, it only takes five minutes to start out feeling better and it doesn’t need to be intense exercise. In fact, low- to moderate-intensity exercise is best than high-intensity for stress reduction.

Increased Energy

After doing exercise the foremost work done and feel good doing it. Treat your body quite a savings account; pay yourself first! If you’re new exercise you’d possibly feel barely more tired for every week approximately on the other hand you begin feeling better, and better! keep it up with it!

 Improved system

 exercise improves your immunity. It can help by flushing out bacteria from the lungs and can also flush out carcinogens by increasing the activity of your vascular system , which drains waste from your body.

When your blood is pumping, you’re also increasing the speed at which antibodies and white blood cells run through the body. They detect and attack illness. Why wouldn’t you want more of that taking place inside you?

When you exercise, the discharge of stress-related hormones is delayed. Stress isn’t just emotional it’s very physical. By decreasing those hormones, you improve your health.


 Participate in Life

Happiness can come once you’re feeling healthy enough to undertake to anything you’d wish to aim to. once you’ll engage brook kids and grandkids, join friends for various sporting activities, and do more things together with your spouse , life is amazing. once you don’t even need to believe whether you’re fit enough for basic activities, that’s an exquisite place to be. Life is short; make it fun!

Better Sleep

When you sleep, your temperature drops and this call temperature helps you sleep. once you exercise for 20-30 minutes, five to 6 hours before bedtime, your body temp will then drop but it’d if you almost certainly didn’t exercise. This makes for better sleep!

Healthy Aging

Exercise helps with maintaining a healthy weight. As you age, this becomes harder and harder to undertake to without exercise. It also helps maintain mobility in your spine. The spine is happy, your body can move properly. Having muscles that are ready to react to your environment (think snow, ice, hills, heat, cold, etc.) makes life an entire lot easier as we age.

Reduced Depression and Anxiety

Exercise seems not only important for treating depression. The active people are less depressed than inactive people. and folks who were active and stopped tend to be more depressed.

How much risk reduction of heart disease and stroke  expected from Exercise?

Exercise helps us certainly in the following ways:

  • Reduces risk of developing CHD/CVD by 30-40 percent
  • Reduced risk of stroke by 20 percent in moderately active people and by 27 percent in those who are highly active
  • Establishes good heart-healthy habits in children and counters the conditions Like obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels and poor lifestyle habits, etc.  These risk factors lead to heart attack and stroke in later in life. Hence, exercise gives us a over all good health.

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