Who Needs An Egg Donor In IVF Treatment?

premature ovarian failure
premature ovarian failure

Eggs and Embryos


Who needs donor eggs? 

  • Older women with age related fertility decline are the main group of patients who need donor eggs.
  • Some younger women have early ovarian failure or ovarian insufficiency where both their number of eggs and ovarian function are greatly diminished.
  • Single males also require donor eggs as part of fertility treatments.
  • Rare genetic conditions may require donor eggs.
  • Failed IVF cycles can be emotionally difficult to deal with, but may open doors to donor eggs.
  • Carriers of inheritable genetic diseases and known genetic illness

What is a failed IVF Cycle?

IVF cycle is said to be failed:

• Fertility medication that produces few or no eggs.
• Low quality embryos that results in miscarriage.
• PGD testing results suggesting no normal embryos obtained.

egg donor

egg donor

Women with which  genetic diseases may benefit from donor egg?

If the woman has following genetic diseases then she may benefit from donor eggs:

 • Cystic fibrosis
• Sickle cell
• Spinal muscular atrophy
• Tay-Sachs
• Thalassemia
• Other single gene defects

Eggs and Embryos/egg donation

egg donation

At which age the quality of eggs in a woman decreases ?

Quality of the remaining eggs declines between the ages of 33 to 35 years old.

Why quality of egg is important in IVF ?

Eggs and Embryos

Poor quality Eggs makes poor quality Embryos.  Even with good numbers of eggs (and embryos) An IVF cycle can be unsuccessful and most likely if the egg quality is poor. Egg quality reflects about 95% of the final quality of an embryo. Poor egg quality,mostly leads to poor embryo quality.

What is the most common age for using a donor egg?

The most common reason women use a donor egg is advanced age.

What is the number of eggs for a girl at puberty?

  • At birth this number declines to from 6 to 7 million eggs to approximately 1 to 2 million.
  • At puberty on average a girl has 400,000 eggs.

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