Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones
Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones

Most of the parents will consider giving their teenagers mobile phones for security purposes. However, the possible misuses and other harmful effects of mobile phones on teenagers are unknown. It is a common sight these days to see a group of teens standing together but having no conversation and being involved in themselves. Teenagers use their mobile phones to call their parents to the internet, far more than adults. Teenagers use their mobile phones to call their parents and do their good and bad things. About 1 in 4 people have access to the internet, far more than adults.  

Harmful effects of mobile phones on teenagers:

There is no doubt that the mobile phone is a handy tool. It enhances and simplifies communication among us.  We can contact our colleagues, friends, relatives as well as attend to work related queries. But every technology that provides such benefits comes with a set of negative impacts. However, the harmful effects of mobile phones on youth and society are numerous. It is this area that requires attention when they give teens a cell phone. 

Teen tendonitis:

Excess texting can lead to teen tendonitis. Constant use of fingers causes pain in the hands in addition to pain in the back, and neck due to poor posture. The excessive cell phone usage is known to result in musculoskeletal disorders such as tendonitis and first carpometacarpal arthritis in the forearm and thumb. It is one of the physical harmful effects of mobile phones.


Having a cellphone will tempt the teens to spend all day talking or texting instead of doing productive things. The teens who spend too much of their cell phones are more prone to stress, anxiety, and depression. Research shows that more use of mobile phones may result in an increased risk of mental and physical health problems.

Sleep loss:

Most teens will keep their mobile phone nearby while they sleep to respond to texts or calls and remain reachable around the clock. This will lead to sleep interruption and disruption. The teenagers who use mobile phones after the lights out experience will increase their tiredness. Engagement over phone keeps young students awake for extra hours reducing their sleep time. Sleep disorders are common harmful effects of mobile phones.


Teens will follow to attend the calls and text while they are on the drive, which is proven to be dangerous. According to the research teens are more likely to be distracted than drivers of any other age. Consequently, it is the most dangerous among all harmful effects of mobile phones.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones
Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones


Replying on texting as a primary mode of communication which will increase anxiety in teens. Moreover, replying and waiting for a reply makes them anxious. The instant replay by a friend can bring joy and elation. But in case of delayed response, this same pleasure can turn into disappointment. Also the mobile phone addiction can turn into an obsession to check messages and reply immediately. It will increase tension with the aid of using growing an illusion that that they’d acquired a message even if there has been no message, making them regularly take a look at their telephones

Risk of cancers 

Although there`s no clean proof of the connection among mobile phone use and cancers, there are a few statistically large institutions in a few people. Although there’s no clean studies helping the threat of cancers and mobile phone utilization, it’s stated to have a vast variety of fitness outcomes. 


According to an observation carried out on 13 to 18 year old’s with the aid of using Cox Communications, 15% of kids were cyberbullied online, 10% were cyberbullied with the aid of using mobile phones, and 5% had cyberbullied any other character via a mobile phone. According to a survey, cyberbullying makes young adults unhappy and skip the school routine. This observation has additionally observed that kids who’re cyberbullied have a better threat of psychosomatic issues, which include common headaches, issues falling asleep, a better feeling of tension, and depression. It is one of the most dangerous harmful effects of mobile phones.

Cyberbullying among children can cause much more mental trauma than bodily bullying because it has a tendency to be more invisible. Also, the perpetrators can cover at the back of the anonymity provided with the aid of using the internet. 

False prestige 

The trendy developments in mobile phones have made it clean for young adults to get right of entry to any information. Most of the matters projected on social media and the Internet might not be accurate, however young adults who’re naive (at their age) may take them critically and get influenced. This may make them stay in a fantasy world and expand fake prestige. Some may inn to crimes to meet their fantasies. 


Constant utilization of mobile phones may reason weight problems in young adults. According to a research, young adults who spend greater hours an afternoon on mobiles are much more likely to come to be obese. The observe similarly says that young adults who spend greater than 5 hours an afternoon in the front of monitors are 43% much more likely to get much less sleep or exercise, ensuing in weight problems 

Vision problems

Increased use of mobile phones is stated to reason for vision issues in young adults. As according to observe carried out on 30 scientific students, 83% of them had been observed to have mobile phone vision syndrome. The symptoms are stress, redness, burning sensation, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Excessive utilization of mobile phones surpasses their usefulness and creates new issues in young adults. While you can now no longer prevent your teen from the use of a mobile phone, it’s miles viable to restriction the utilization with the aid of using organizing ground rules. 

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