Oral Precancer : Leukoplakia



1.Which is the most common form of oral premalignancy ?


2.Leukoplakia is more common in which group of patients?

Leukoplakia occurs more frequently in smokers than in non-smokers. It is  6 times more common in smokers.

3.Is there a possibility of leucoplakia [ premalignant condition ] in smokeless tobacco use?

Oral leukoplakia is also associated with smokeless tobacco use.

4.Cessation of tobacco ,does it help in  oral leukoplakia?

Cessation of tobacco use may result in regression or disappearance
of oral leukoplakia.

5.What is the relation of  frequency of tobacco habit  and development of leucoplakia?

High number of cases [prevalence] of leukoplakia in smokers indicates a positive dose-response
relationship. The dose-response relationship was stronger for the smoking habit than for the chewing


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