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bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery What is Weight Loss Surgery?   Weight loss surgery also called Bariatric surgery – includes a variety of procedures performed on people who have obesity. These surgeries should be done in selected candidates with evaluation of risk...

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BIOTIN : VITAMIN B7 : THAT HELPS IN HAIR GROWTH [su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””] Vitamin H  is other name of Biotin . This is called  vitamin H where the ‘H’ represents  German words for “hair and skin”. This is popularly...

Eggs Are High in Cholesterol, but They Don’t Adversely Affect Blood Cholesterol

READ MORE EGGS AND CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol in the diet doesn’t necessarily raise cholesterol in the blood . The liver actually produces large amounts of cholesterol every single day. When we eat more eggs, the liver just produces less cholesterol instead, so it evens out...