HIV vaccine : Nice to see Results

HIV vaccine human trials moves on to next stage of testing

What is about classical vaccination approaches for HIV .

Classical vaccination approaches that have been successful in the control of various viral diseases by priming the adaptive immunity to recognize the viral envelope proteins have failed in the case of HIV-1. Some have stated that an HIV vaccine may not be possible without significant theoretical advances.

Why there is difficulty in making HIV vaccine?

Factors that  differ from the development of   HIV vaccine from other classic vaccines: 

  • Classic vaccines mimic natural immunity against reinfection generally seen in individuals recovered from infection; there are almost no recovered AIDS patients. 
  • Most vaccines protect against disease, not against infection; HIV infection may remain latent for long periods before causing AIDS. 
  • Most effective vaccines are whole-killed or live-attenuated organisms; killed HIV-1 does not retain antigenicity and the use of a live retrovirus vaccine raises safety issues.

What is the recent development in HIV Vaccine?

The mosaic Ad26/Ad26 plus gp140 HIV-1 vaccine induced comparable and robust immune responses in humans and rhesus monkeys, and it provided significant protection against repetitive heterologous SHIV challenges in rhesus monkeys. This vaccine concept is currently being evaluated in a phase 2b clinical efficacy study.

HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine

What is the effect of new HIV vaccine in trials?

The new vaccine is protective in monkeys, and antibodies against HIV were generated in humans. it has to be tested and watched further whether the vaccine will protect against infection in real scenario.