Benefits of natural brown sugar

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar

What is brown sugar?

Brown sugar is the sucrose that is brown in color due to molasses residue. It can either be commercially produced  or naturally obtained from  molasses.  Final product is added to traditional white sugar composing 5% to 7 % for taste. The average sugar will contain 5% of molasses in weight. Many people will get confused in brown sugar and jaggery is same but this is different. Brown sugar contain variety of sugar contain little more minerals than the jaggery. Brown sugar is little healthier than the white sugar due to the molasses which contains.

Type of brown sugar:

There are multiple kinds of sugar which including demerara, turbindo, dark brown sugar and muscovado and others.

Light brown sugar:

At times when we add molasses to regular white sugar, it becomes light brown color. In this light brown sugar 3% by weight is composed of molasses.

Dark brown sugar:

Commonly the dark brown variety will have about 6% of molasses which have dark brown color weight giving it a slightly stronger flavor.


This is the most darkest variety and the most people in term of flavor, mainly due to the slow drying process often done in full sun.


The brown sugar is fully made by sugar cane and once the cane juice is extracted and then it boiled it leaves behind raw crystals of light brown color. These crystals after getting dried converts to brown sugar that has molasses flavor.


There are similar to the dermerara variety but this turbinado have more honey flavor in it.

Natural brown sugar:

It is made by some residual molasses left in mixture when sugar is crystallized. This type of sugar has sweet and slightly caramel flavor, and more potent ingredient than the traditional white sugar. 

Brown sugar uses:

The brown sugar is used in many ways mainly in diet. Similar to the application of white sugar the brown sugar is used but it gives different flavor. Many people will like sugar in desserts and baked foods so instead of white sugar we can use brown sugar which is more benefits to health.

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar

Some side effects are:

There are some side effects of using brown sugar when it consumed in excess, which will include an elevated risk of:

•           Weight gain

•          Diabetes

•          Yeast infections

As like white sugar, the brown sugar should be consumed in moderate.

Brown sugar benefits:

The health benefits of brown sugar are many. It helps to boost the energy levels, prevent cold, treat uterine infections. Also, it improves digestion, and reduces the flatulence. It may also help in weight loss program.

Prevent obesity:

The brown sugar is considered to be good beneficial for the health which it also help in preventing obesity because fewer calories as compared to white sugar.

Eases menstrual cramps:

Presence of the mineral potassium in molasses which is mixed with sugar to make the brown sugar helps in relaxing the uterine muscles. It eases contractions that occurs during menstruation. Potassium prevents painful cramps from occurring. In some culture and traditional medicine will have blended oh brown sugar and ginger in tea which eliminate the discomfort of menstrual cramps. 

Free of chemicals:

Brown sugar is completely free from chemical more than the white sugar. It because the brown sugar contains of molasses which is composed of essential elements like iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. This all will provide important nutrients to the body. 

Boost energy:

The brown sugar will provide natural energy which will boost the energy for short period of time. The brown sugar will give temporary strength and help to boost the energy. Add some brown sugar with tea or water when you feel ill.

Improves digestion:

Brown sugar is best medicine for digestive systems, and also helps to improving the stomach when feels of stomachache. Drink boiled water with some amount of brown sugar and ginger will to improve the digestion.


Brown sugar is best antiseptic properties which make help in the healing the minor cuts and bruises. Brown sugar will contain of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which also prevent infection from the cuts.

Benefits for pregnant women:

Brown sugar is regarded to very good for women to recover fast after delivery. Brown sugar takes less time to give energy for some women to recover after delivery, so consumption of brown sugar helps in faster recovery.

Give relief from the cold:

Brown sugar had been used as effective remedy for the treating cold. It will instant to relief from the cold.

Prevents asthma:

Many who are asthmatic are replacing white sugar with brown sugar. You should consume brown sugar to prevent asthma and fight against several allergic conditions.

Protects skin:

Brown sugar is very good for the skin. It will help to hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It will reduce the swelling present in the skin. Brown sugar is rich in vitamin B will protect the skin from ageing effects and prevent the skin cells from the damages.

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