Liver Function Test: Check The Health Of Liver

Liver function test
Liver function test

The Liver

   The liver in your body is situated in the right-side of the abdominal cavity. It is placed beneath the diaphragm. You can imagine liver as a cone structure with dark reddish-brown color that weighs around 3 pounds. Important, a metabolically active organ, it often gets injured by the toxins in our body. There are two distinct sources that supply blood to the liver,

The following are:

•   Hepatic artery that carries oxygenated blood

•   Hepatic vein carries nutrient-rich blood

The liver holds 13% of the body’s blood supply. The liver consists of 2 main lobes and they are made up of 8 segments that consist of 1,000 lobules. These lobules are connected to small ducts (tubes) that connect with larger ducts to form the common hepatic duct that transports the digestive fluid (Bile) made by the liver cells to the gallbladder and  small intestine via the common bile duct.

What does the liver do in our body?

•         Bile production and excretion

•         Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates metabolized

•         Activation of enzyme

•         Glycogen, vitamins, and minerals are activated

•         Plasma proteins are synthesized

•         Detoxification and purification of blood

Symptoms of liver diseases

 Signs and symptoms are always not noticeable in liver diseases. If signs and symptoms of liver disease do occur, i.e Jaundice, Abdominal pain and swelling of the legs and ankles. Checking health of your liver is of utmost importance as we can correct it before diseases set in. At the same time, these tests can indicate the health of other body organs as well.

What are liver function tests?

Liver function tests is also known as a liver panel, that measures different enzymes, proteins, and other substances made by the liver. It indicates the overall health of your liver. If levels of one or more are not within the normal limit is a  indicative sign of liver disease.

What are they used for?

•         liver diseases, such as hepatitis are diagnosed

•         Monitor & treatment of liver disease.

•         Liver cirrhosis (damaged or scarred by diease)

•         Certain medicines side effects are noted.

Liver function test
What is Liver function test

What is the cost of Liver function test?

These are biochemical tests available in almost all laboratories. They will need to take around 5 ml of blood for this testing. Overall cost for this test varies between 800 to 1500 rupees depending on the parameters. Please discuss with your doctor details of the test and its significance.

Why do I need liver function testing?

 Liver function testing is done if you have symptoms of liver disease. These include:

•         Jaundice

•         Nausea

•         Diarrhea

•         Abdominal pain

•         Dark-colored urine

•         Light-colored stool

•         Fatigue

Risk factors

•        Family history

•        Alcohol usage

•        Exposure to a hepatitis virus

•       Medications that cause liver damage

Some Common Liver Test

A group of  blood tests can often indicate whether the liver is inflamed, injured, or functioning properly. It  can also differentiate acute and chronic liver disorders Commonly performed blood tests include the following:

Serum  bilirubin  test:  Bilirubin is produced by the liver and is excreted in the bile. Obstruction of bile flow indicates higher levels of bilirubin .

Serum  albumin  test: Functioning of the liver is interrupted when level of  albumin is lowered.

International  normalized  ratio (INR), formally called prothrombin time (PT) test: This measures clotting time blood.vitamin K is a protein that is made by the liver which is also responsible for clotting of blood. Liver disease or other deficiencies factors  are also determined with prolonged clotting time.

Liver enzymes

Serum  alkaline phosphatase test : Alkaline phosphatase is found highest concentrations in the liver, biliary tract, and bone

Alanine transaminase (ALT)  test: This is released into the bloodstream after acute liver cell damage.

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