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non dairy milk
Non dairy milk


What are the Non Dairy milk?

Non dairy milk or plant-based  milk alternative is the fast growing segment in food industry. People who have cow milk allergy, lactose intolerance or calorie concern may choose for these plant milks.  Prevalence of high blood cholesterol, more preference to vegan diets has influenced consumers towards choosing cow milk alternatives.  Non dairy milk are milk derived from plant sources like –

  • Almond milk,
  • Rice milk,
  • Soy milk,
  • Coconut milk
  • Hemp milk


What is a dairy milk?

Milk is a white liquid nutrient-rich food produced by the mammary glands of mammals.

Is there a difference in nutrients of dairy and non- dairy milks?

Non-dairy milk options don’t have the same naturally occurring nutrients as real, dairy milk.

The nutrients can be variable according to the source it is derived.

What is the protein content of nondairy milks?

Nondairy milks variable amount of protein content.

  • Almond milk typically have 1-2 grams of protein per cup
  • Dairy Milk has 8 grams of protein per cup
  • Soy milk has 7 grams of protein per cup
  • The average cup of oat milk available for purchase will contain about 2-4 g of protein
  • Even though almonds are a good source of protein, almond milk is not a good source of proein.


What is the calcium content of dairy milk , soy milk and almond milk ?

  • Calcium content of dairy milk is 300 mg for 1 cup (244g weight) of milk .
  • Calcium content of dairy milk is 60 mg for 1 cup (244g weight) of milk . so available soy milks are fortified with calcium.
  • Almond milk is not a good source of calcium.

Who is oat milk or rice milk best for?

Oat milk or rice milk is good for people who have allergies to dairy, soy, or nuts and who follow a vegetarian diet.

What are benefits of soy milk?

Benefits of Soy Milk

  1. Soy milk is a good source of protein, vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, and potassium.

     2. Soy milk is lower in calories than whole milk and comparable to skim milk.

     3. It contains no cholesterol, which is important for those with heart conditions.

What are the debated issues with soy milk ?

  • Large amount of soy may be a problem for people with thyroid disease or other conditions.
  • And a 2008 Harvard study showed that higher intakes of soy-based foods caused fertility problems and lower sperm counts.
  • Soy is also a common allergen. People who are allergic to soy should not drink soy milk.
  • Most of the soy produced in the United States comes from genetically modified plants, which is a concern to some.


Who should avoid rice milk ?

High in carbohydrate and very low in protein content in Rice milk  makes it  the least desirable choice for people with diabetes and people who want more protein, such as athletes or the elderly.


non dairy milk

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