Control Your Appetite To Maintain Weight

control appetite
Control Your Appetite
Control Appetite

Control Appetite

Curb your Appetite to maintain a Healthy Weight

What are the daily habits that control your appetite?

  • Exercise well
  • Eat every 3 – 4 hours
  • Avoid food places if you are not hungry. This helps in many instances to control appetite.
  • figure out situations,places and company that makes you to eat more.
  • Enough sleep is essential for maintaining your diet.You feel better and get moral strength to control yourself.

You have taken our food but you are still hungry. What you should do?

  • If you have taken your food and still feeling hungry and planning for taking more food second time then delay taking food for second time in same sitting by 20 minutes.
  • In this interval of 20 minutes blood sugar level and biochemical signals will reach brain and your hunger level will come down. many times you may not need another portion of food or may fill yourself with only a part of it.
  • This reduces your calorie intake and ontrolyour appetite.

What are the foods that reduce your frequency of food intake?

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Fiber rich foods and water : Best way to fill yourself as they have only few calories.
  • Protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates should be chosen and  included in each meal and snack.

These foods take longer to pass through your digestive system (except water), so help you to control your appetite and you don’t feel hungry for longer time.

How water is helpful to control appetite ?

Sipping water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and  you can avoid quick bites during that time. It also keeps your stomach from becoming completely empty, which keeps hunger levels down.This also reduces the bad effects of acidity, in addition it will also control appetite.

What should be my snack?

  • Choose a high fiber or  protein snack. Have some solid snack with liquid. This will help you to control  appetite.
  • It is found that people taking a solid snack,  less likely to eating more at the next meal. People with liquid snack are likely to take more in next meal.

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