Mushrooms Prevent Cancer Invasion


        Mushrooms are gaining popularity as valuable foods nowadays. This is due to their low-calorie content, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. In addition mushrooms are cholesterol-free and provide important nutrients, including selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D, proteins, and fiber. Besides they are used in many health conditions like prevention or treatment of Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and stroke. They are also found out to have anticancer properties. Hence, some mushroom extracts are used as dietary supplements for their health benefits. A balanced diet is supporting treatment for the prevention of illness and especially against oxidative stress.

Mushrooms are high in antioxidants

Antioxidants are chemicals that get rid of free radicals, a type of chemical that can harm a person’s body cells, potentially leading to cancer. The nutritional value of edible mushrooms is due to their high protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral contents, and low-fat levels. The rich amount of proteins, carbohydrates, essential minerals, and low energy levels make them comparable to meat, eggs, and milk.

Mushrooms prevent Breast and Prostate cancer

Mushrooms are very effective in preventing breast and prostate cancer due to the significant presence of beta-glucans and conjugated linoleic acid, which both have anti-carcinogenic effects. Out of these two, linoleic acid is particularly helpful in suppressing the harmful effects of excess estrogen. This increase in estrogen is one of the prime causes of breast cancer in women after menopause. The beta-glucans, on the other hand, inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in cases of prostate cancer, and numerous studies have shown the antitumor properties of mushrooms when applied medicinally.

In particular, certain varieties of mushrooms have been shown to have potential in protecting against cancer by protecting our cells against DNA damage but also inhibiting tumor formation. There is also some evidence that they may be beneficial in the treatment and management of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. 


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