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Eating Disorders

Types Of Eating Disorders

Binge eating is a coping mechanism for unresolved personal difficulty such as misery, relationship conflicts, notable life changes or underlying social issues

Night Blindness

Night Blindness Can Be Prevented In Children

An individual suffering from night blindness would find it difficult to watch a movie, or spot stars in sky. It is the effect of Vitamin A deficiency and it is reversible and preventable.

Back Pain

Back Pain: Causes and Relief Ideas

Backache is pain that commonly occurs in the lower back region due to strain of a muscle or ligament. Most people suffer from backpain due to lack of awareness and proper exercise.


Birthmarks: Are They Harmless Lesions?

The occurrence of birthmarks may be inherited but the underlying reason is unknown. Certain lesions may be similar to the marks on other family members, but most of them are not.

Red Eyes

7 Common Reasons Of Red Eyes

A red eye is a cardinal sign of ocular inflammation, which can result from various conditions. Drugs and alcohol can also dilate blood vessels and cause inflammation by making the eyes look red.

Dengue Fever

Prevent Dengue Fever & Complications

Dengue fever is transmitted by an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. The mosquito becomes infected once it bites infected person with dengue virus in their blood.

Reduce cholesterol

Diet Plan To Reduce Cholesterol In Blood

Heart healthy lifestyle changes include a diet to lower the cholesterol. The therapeutic lifestyle changes involves food with healthier fats and reduction in total fat.

Monkey Pox Infection

Monkey Pox Infection : Symptoms & Treatment

Monkey pox in both humans and animals is caused by monkey pox virus which is a double stranded DNA virus. The virus is commonly seen in tropical rainforest regions of central and West Africa. 

Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening Tests For Your Baby

Newborn screening is a public health service done for a baby. Every newborn is tested for a group of health diseases that isn’t otherwise found at birth.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones

Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

According to the research teens are more likely to be distracted than drivers of any other age. Consequently, it is the most dangerous among all harmful effects of mobile phones.

Sudden cardiac arrest

Sudden Death Due To Cardiac Arrest

Because sudden cardiac arrest is so often linked with coronary artery disease, the same factors that are risk of coronary artery disease can also cause the sudden cardiac arrest. 

Childhood Obesity

Causes & Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a lifestyle issue which includes very less activity and more calories intake. Treating and preventing it helps protect the child’s health now and in future. 

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke Symptoms & Prevention Tips

Heat stroke often happens as progression from the milder heat related illness such as heat cramps, heat syncope and heat exhaustion from long term exposure to high temperature.

Burning feet

Burning Feet: Causes & Treatment

Burning feet are a sign of nerve damage or defect. It may occur due to vitamin deficiency anemia, chronic alcoholism, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Neem Leaves

Uses Of Neem Leaves & Extracts For Health

Neem leaf extracts in the form of toothpaste and mouth rinse are used to prevent dental and mouth cavity infections. Chewing dried sticks is effective against many bacteria like streptococcus.

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